About Salinex ®

The Salinex ® product line cleanses, moisturizes and helps reduce symptoms such as runny nose and congestion. Salinex ProTect TM, the latest addition to the Salinex ®line, helps protect against colds by contributing to its early treatment. Salinex ProTect TM relieves cold symptoms, shortens their duration and limits the spread of the virus. Good nasal hygiene can be a valuable ally to guard against complications such as sinusitis, laryngitis, cough and ear infections. Salinex ® products are gentle and available in drops, gel, spray and atomizer.

Relieve discomfort for everyone in your family with the Salinex ® line of products!

The Salinex ® family of products

Salinex Protect

Salinex ProTect TM

A sterile solution that helps reduce the transmission of cold viruses.
Salinex Nasal Hygiene Salinex Nasal Hygiene

Nasal hygiene

A solution that clears and cleanses sinuses and blocked nasal passages, and helps relieve nasal dryness and irritation.
Salinex Infants and Children Salinex Infants and Children

Infants and children

A gentle solution to soothe dry, irritated little noses . . . and Mom’s worries.
Salinex Lubricating Salinex Lubricating


A gel or a moisturizing spray to lubricate nasal passages and help maintain healthy sinuses.